Friday, January 8, 2010

Really, Jim?

So...since the beginning of rap videos...WELL, since the beginning of the ones that artists could afford to feature more than their 70+ homeboys and a few live shots of the projects that they grew up in, they've consisted of half-naked girating women AND stolen plots from popular movies. For the sake of repetition, I'll focus on the horribly reinacted stolen movie plots...

Often you'll see a reinactment of movies like "Scarface" and "The Usual Suspects" but last night I saw the WORSE reinactment of "Gone in 60 Seconds" by Jim Jones and some dude named Swag.

First of all, they only stole two cars (wtf..they stole 60 in the movie!)
Second of all, when they "stole" the two cars they were chillin' talkin to each other and shit! Who chills when they're stealing a car?(maybe it was because they only stole TWO cars!)
Third, the song was whack and has absolutely NOTHING to do with stealing cars...
Fourth, the video wasn't cohesive enough for you to even recognize that they were trying to imitate "gone in 60 seconds"!

perfect example of a rapper's random and poorly executed usage of a classic movie...

The crazy thing is that rappers did a WAY better job of being creative in their videos in the 90s and early 00s. Now when rappers are making the most money and have the largest fan base that they've ever had, they cheat us (their audience and their fans) by giving us ratch-ed ass videos.

Seriously...Lil Wayne...great artist...BUT...when's the last time he put out a good video?(and that horrible reinactment of Inside Man does NOT count)

I remember when videos were creative. Perfect example... "Can't stand the Rain" by Missy Elliott...Classic video...
Very Creative.

And while perusing channels this morning I came across the video below.
ok...Be mindful that its not the most realistic (especially since a hispanic Jennifer Lopez is supposed to be an Egyptian princess) BUT! the video is good, and well executed in my opinion (plus the diddy bop in the palace helps adds to the
its REALLY freakin engaging, um...take note Jim Jones...and get yo braids redone sheesh!

Puff Daddy - Been Around The World

...and its nothing personal against my boy Jim Jones...i even like his most recent collaboration with Mos Def and Black Keys"Hoochie Choo"...and the video's dope too...

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