Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm NOT tryna chill!!!

so my sister and I are sitting on the couch watching this "Tough Love" show on vH1 that is supposed to help these "clueless" women find the ultimate prize that any woman can recieve in her entire LIFE!!!! A MAN!!! (overwhelming round of applause)

women devoting their whole lives to trying to be what a man wants!

excuse me while I exit the room and puke!!!

BUT thats besides the point...the women on the show are set up to go out on dates with men compatible with their personalities. The challenge on the last date was for the women to pay the bill. Not so much of a challenge, eh?

Maybe so.

Most of the women had bills over 100 bucks! Crazy, right? BUT. I've gotta admit...I HAVE paid the bill a few times when I've gone out on dates, and when the waiter brings over that rectangular leatherfold the grief of sliding your credit card in that little plastic thingy is NOT specific to gender! It is just as burdensome for a woman as it is for a man.

Especially when you're in college. Though being on a college budget can be a deterance from dating it DEFINITELY shouldn't be!

The art of dating isn't in working 7 jobs so that you can impress your date by taking him or her to the nicest most expensive resaurant in the city...its about being clever enough to take your date to one of the kagillion inexpensive places to eat in Atlanta...DUH!

so my point...below are a few cool inexpensive places that I've been that a guy or a girl could take their date and not have to pay a $100 tab...or anything close to it.

(you can click on the pictures and they'll take you to the website for the resaurant. I'm proud of myself...I've deemed myself a computer

Tin Drum AsiaCafe

Ru San's

Loca Lunas

Fellini's Pizza

Tilt Coffee Shop

So next time when you wanna be booed up, go OUT! Don't ask to chill!! The End...

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