Monday, January 11, 2010


Ever been to a Baptist Church?
Now I'm not judging anyone...thats not my job.
BUT...theres always those people who's shouting doesn't look genuine...
U know...They catch the holy ghost like every service...and it just seems forced...
OK. Keep that in mind.

One of my friends asked me why I don't like any current r&b the popular ones with mega hits, huge followings and sold out concerts ...(I wont name any names)
But its because their performances just seemed forced to me. Like...they're not REALLY feeling their I can't...
And even when they run around the stage, jump up and down, and sing from the bottom of their um...diaphrams, I STILL feel nothing...
because I think they're faking...its like they're doing what they THINK their audience THINKS they should be doing. Its not natural. Fake shouting.

and I KNOW what natural looks like...when someone FEELS what they're singing.
so um...take note.

ok...I know, i know...ignore that. This man is a musical genius. Look him up...listen to some more of his music. You can't tell me he's not feelin' this shit...i feel it...Rahsaan Patterson.

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  1. Nothin' corny about you or what you're saying..... You are so right and what your feelin' and writing about Rahsaan is dead on. He's one of the musical geniuses of our generation, and the best is even yet to come.