Thursday, December 31, 2009

How to Kill Two Pelicans with one Clothing Line...

Dope shirts. Sure.
Same clothing line. No.

So I was looking at male hip-hop fashion just to stay up-to-date, and I ran across a brand called Bird Club. Automatically, I was taken aback because the logo looked familiar.

Fli Pelican, a brand that I was first introduced to my freshman year in college(FALL 07) immediately came to mind. This Bird Club Brand definitely looked Fli Pelican-esque.

Im not sure if one line inspired the other, or if it was merely a coincedence. Nowadays nothing is new...just newER renditions.

Either for whichever line doesnt get MAJOR attention first...but really what can they do?
Damn. Imitation is for the birds.

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